Simple tips on how to hang and take care of a dartboard

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Try to avoid hanging a dartboard in a high traffic area, like near a bathroom, near mirrors or on a hard concrete floor because there is a possibility that your dart pins will get destroyed when it backfires on a floor. If you have to use a hard floor, make sure to place a rubber mat on the floor near the dartboard. Or another solution is to purchase a dart mat. This is a rubber mat that protects darts and the floor and will mark the correct distance for the throw line.

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NEW GLD Products Padded Dart Mat $79.99

On hanging the dartboard, the board needs to hang exactly 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the center of the bull’s-eye. Most quality dartboards have a screw in the center. However, if you have a board that hangs from the top then you will have to measure the distance to the center of the bull’s-eye and add that to the height.

On creating a throwing line, a darts throw line should be roughly three feet wide. You can use tape, a store bought throw-line sticker, a piece of wood or a metal mould that is screwed in the floor. For a standard, steel-tip set up, the line should be placed exactly 7 feet 9 and 1/4 inches from the face of the board. For soft-tipped darts, the line should be 8 feet from the face of the board. To measure from the face of the board, hold a piece of string with a dart tied to one end from the front of the board to the floor. Start from the bottom of the hanging dart and measure out 7’ 91/4”. Make sure the throw line is straight and centered with the dart board.

Make sure also that you have good lighting on the dart area. It goes without saying that it's very important to have good lighting on your dartboard. The best set up is two lamps mounted on the ceiling on the right and left about four feet from the board. You really want to make sure the person at the line doesn't have to move from the line to better see the darts on the board. Clip-on metal lamps are a reliable and cheap option. Just use some bulbs and clip them to the ceiling for a brightly lit dartboard.

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    Dear Wiz,im trying to find out how to clean my dartboard,its a Winmau Blade III,the white sections are starting to look grubby/dirty,had it several months and i hear do not use water

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